The time I was on Blue Peter

Blue Peter Blue Peter PresentersPrompted by the coverage of the closure of the BBC TV Centre in Shepherds Bush that is all over the Beeb at the moment, I figured it was as good a time as any to throw in my own little tale.

It’s not the longest tale nor the most enthralling, but it’s another true memory for me and for that reason alone it bears inclusion amongst my snippets.

As part of one of the annual appeals for Blue Peter, my school, Wood End in Northolt, organised a sponsored times table test. We raised a bunch of cash for the appeal and so 50 pupils were invited to go to the famous BBC TV Centre to present the money and show off their times table skills.

The school decided to take all of the pupils who got 50 out of 50 which seemed perfectly fair to me. This left two places so they put the names of all the pupils who got 49 out of 50 into a hat. Mine was one of those names. Mum always said that if I fell in a toilet I’d come out smelling of roses…

That’s it really, I was a kid  – under 12 for sure, so the memories don’t go much further. A neighbour videoed it and I remember being disappointed that I could barely be seen because I was in the back corner of the group of 50 on display. I do, however, still have the souvenir postcards and badges that they gave us including the Holy Grail itself, a genuine, bona fide Blue Peter badge!!

Believe it or not this was actually my second badge, the first one had been received because my Aunty Eve used to be one of Joey Deacon’s (severely handicapped guy, one of the BP appeals featured him heavily leading, kinda sadly, to ‘a Joey’ becoming a universal insult of sorts for my generation) carers and we met him. My bro Jim wrote into Blue Peter saying how inspiring it had been for us lads to meet Joey and we both got a badge back from the show then.  I actually was more inspired by his mate, Norman I think. A really gentle man who, despite his own disabilities was good company for Joey and helped him loads.

Not sure what happened to that original badge but this one has stayed with me ever since 🙂

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  1. Norman was special because he was the only person in the world who could understand everything that Joey said. Joey loved babies, and he helped to raise funds for incubators and special baby care units. via Blue Peter.

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