You Couldn’t Make It Up

Over on those social network thingies, I’ve been popping up the occasional post using the hashtag #trueshortstories mostly for my own amusement. I was going to use the hashtag #neverletthetruthgetinthewayofagoodstory but lets be honest, it’s a bit cumbersome isn’t it? Oh, and of course, the thing that binds these little snippets together of course, is that all of them are, genuinely, true.

I’m not going to try and pretend that I’ve lived the most exciting and interesting life but you know what? I’ve had some fun along the way. So I’m going to continue posting up those little titbits and then I’m going to come on here and elaborate a little. Some of the things I post may sound a little far fetched, a little stretched, but I promise any readers this, they did actually happen……


**After posting the first of these YCMIU pages I’ve made a decision that I hope will serve me well as I add more. I’m going to at least partially protect the friends, lovers, enemies and cohorts that have played their part in my tales by changing names. If those that were there would rather I named and shamed / credited then they are welcome to let me know and I’ll tag them accordingly. I also appreciate that in many of the stories, changing the name will be a very thin veil and I certainly hope that my sharing these memories causes no harm. Again, those concerned need only shout and I’ll bury identities deeper or remove the piece all together.**

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