Manic Street Preachers – Who’s Responsible?

This is a Manic Street Preachers tour shirt from the Holy Bible tour way back in ’94. I saw them at their angriest, firiest best at Wolverhampton Civic Hall in one of the best rock gigs I’ve ever been to.

I bought this t-shirt because I truly believed in it’s sentiment. Who’s responsible? You F**king Are! I thought by wearing it I could make people think a little about who was really responsible for the state we’re in as a nation, as a species. Of course all it really achieved is that it offended old ladies and parents. As a rock n roll rebel I wore it through the 90’s I guess until my own kids got to reading and understanding things and then I realised that maybe I wasn’t quite so clever.

I still believe in it’s sentiment of course. Now more than ever. I’ll never stop asking the question or pointing out the answer, you fucking are!

On the night I bought it, I put it on straight after the show. Mostly because whatever tee I’d worn to the gig needed wringing out due to the gallons of sweat I lost in the pit that night! When I got back to my hometown later that night I went to the Vic – our nightclub – and thought I was the Daddy wearing such a cool shirt. I didn’t pull that night. Maybe it was the tee, maybe it was the sweat…!



**This tee sold within 48 hours of listing it on eBay. Hope it’s still offending old ladies and, just maybe, making people think.**