Manic Street Preachers This Is My Bag

To me, true vintage is not about the decade in which something was created. It’s about the story behind it. What journey did it take to get to where it is today?

These are my tees and this is the story behind each one. Buy my tee, buy my story. All I ask is that when you wear it you add your own adventure and if you pass it on, pass on my story and add your own when you do. I’ll supply a signed copy of the tale behind each tee along with it. Who the hell am I to be signing anything? I’m no-one, but then who is? Whatever. I’m DaddyPerry and these are MY Tell Tale Tees…

This is a Manic Street Preachers tour shirt from one of the 15+ times I saw that band live. It’s hard to pinpoint why I liked them so much but I got on board the first time I hear their take on the Theme from M.A.S.H and bought Generation Terrorists straight away. The sheer majesty of Motorcycle Emptiness won me over even more and the spitting punk edge of You Love Us & the like sealed the deal.

One of the funniest things I ever saw was Richie in a sparkly silver dress, Nicky in a yellow house coat and James screaming “Repeat after me: Fuck Queen and country” when they supported Bon Jovi at the Milton Keynes Bowl. 20,000 parental hands didn’t know whether to cover their teenage girl’s ears or their eyes!

This tee is from a much later, post-Richie tour and, as an added extra comes with an exclusive ‘This is my bag’ carrier bag with Holsten Pils logo on the back of it. (One of the Manics albums is called; This is my truth, tell me yours.) I could have sold the bag separately as a collectors item but I think it should go with the tee that I’m fairly certain came with it.

NB: Photo was taken Sunday 1 June 2014, there’s more of me now than when I first bought the tee as an XL which is one of the reason’s for selling. I’m now a 48+” Chest and I carry a significant belly so these days I buy 2XL. Hopefully that adds some perspective to the pictures. Also, in some cases, wear and washing will have reduced the size of some of these tees slightly.

It’s a well worn tee and bears the scars of plenty of adventures but is in decent condition. True Vintage. Take it home and add your own…