Jack & Jones Vest Tops x2 – purchased in Valencia, Spain in 2006

Jack & Jones White vest

This is a pair of vest tops, one yellow, one white, bought separately in Valencia, Spain in 2006.

I travelled out to Spain for the Champions League semi final between Arsenal & VilaReal arriving in Valencia the day before the match in the hope of somehow finding a ticket to the game. I got chatting to a Gooner on the plane and ended up sharing a room with him. After a decent night singing Arsenal songs and chatting to many fellow Gooners, I was up early on match day to take in some of Valencia before getting the train out to Vilareal later in the afternoon. I’d not really packed for the weather which was beautiful, hot and sunny, nor for the fact that I was basically on my own in a strange country. I had my Arsenal shirt of course, but given that I didn’t yet have a ticket and might end up in the home end (I did! thanks to, of all things, the VilaReal Celtic Supporters Club!) it seemed unwise to wear that.

So on my stroll around Valencia I dropped into a Jack & Jones store and picked up the nice yellow vest top you can see in the pictures. Half an hour later it dawned on me that yellow was very much VilaReal’s colour and I had just bought myself the opportunity of being mistaken for one of them by a lunatic Gooner so off I trogged back to Jack & Jones and got myself the white one which I then wore for the rest of the day including to the match itself! After the nerve wrenching 90 minutes that saw my beloved Arsenal through to the final, I ended up drinking in the bar that was base for the aforementioned Celtic Supporters Club where a fellow Gooner bought me a ‘Celtic Submarine’ polo shirt, but that’s a whole other story…

£24.99 + £2 p&p UK, £5 Eur, £6 Worldwide. Price is for the pair.

These are well worn, faded and very much lived in, and bear the scars of many other adventures than those told above. True Vintage. Take it home and add your own…Jack & Jones yellow vest

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