Counting Crows Greybird Foundation

To me, true vintage is not about the decade in which something was created. It’s about the story behind it. What journey did it take to get to where it is today?

These are my tees and this is the story behind each one. Buy my tee, buy my story. All I ask is that when you wear it you add your own adventure and if you pass it on, pass on my story and add your own when you do. I’ll supply a signed copy of the tale behind each tee along with it. Who the hell am I to be signing anything? I’m no-one, but then who is? Whatever. I’m DaddyPerry and these are MY Tell Tale Tees…

This is a Counting Crows Greybird Foundation tee – the charity foundation that band set up to help those less fortunate. Back then I was a massive Crows fan – still am really just not a paid up fawning fan club member anymore. I’ve since seen these on sale at UK gigs but back then in the late nineties & early noughties I had to buy this in from the States. I remember wearing it to a Counting Crows show in the UK and thinking it made me more important than the other, ‘ordinary’, fans. It didn’t of course, it made me a bit of a twat, but I wasn’t the only bloke there wearing one so at least I was amongst friends.

That feeling a bit of a twat subsided once they started selling them at UK shows but means that this one is only lightly worn and in very good condition. You don’t need to be a Crows fan to appreciate the backprint: Your Town, Your Country, Your World.

My buying it originally and direct from the Foundation means it’s already helped those it was intended to help. Now it’s time to help myself by selling it on.

NB: Photo was taken Sunday 1 June 2014, there’s more of me now than when I first bought the tee as an XL which is one of the reason’s for selling.