Counting Crows CloudKooKoo Land fan club tee

To me, true vintage is not about the decade in which something was created. It’s about the story behind it. What journey did it take to get to where it is today?

These are my tees and this is the story behind each one. Buy my tee, buy my story. All I ask is that when you wear it you add your own adventure and if you pass it on, pass on my story and add your own when you do. I’ll supply a signed copy of the tale behind each tee along with it. Who the hell am I to be signing anything? I’m no-one, but then who is? Whatever. I’m DaddyPerry and these are MY Tell Tale Tees…

This is a Counting Crows ‘CloudKooKoo Land’ Fan club only tee. Yeah, I signed up to the fan club, mostly for the advance gig tickets but I was genuinely a massive fan (still am!).

I wore this tee to see them play live at Manchester Apollo in 2004 when they were promoting Films About Ghosts, their ‘Best Of’ album. Having got there early and stood outside listening to the soundcheck, those of us there got to hear them rehearsing Accidentally in Love. Onstage later that night the band apologized that they couldn’t play it live for us as it was very much under license to the Shrek 2 movie makers. Adam also joked about the fact that he’d been asked to write an upbeat, cheerful love song given that his reputation is for being a little more melancholy to say the least…! They recorded the song a couple of weeks later, dropping a couple of live shows in order to get it done to schedule.

That same night I chatted with Adam Duritz – lead singer – about the recording of Never Mind The Buzzcocks he’d done earlier that week and got him & Immy to sign my gig ticket and this very t-shirt! One of the pictures above shows the last remaining traces of that signature!

NB: Photo was taken Sunday 1 June 2014, there’s more of me now than when I first bought the tee as an XL which is one of the reason’s for selling. This one is well worn, faded and very much lived in. it bears the scars of many other adventures than those told above. True Vintage. Take it home and add your own…