Tell Tale Tees

To me, true vintage is not about the decade in which something was created, it’s all about the story behind it. What journey did it take to get to where it is today? What tale can this garment or trinket or ornament tell? What sights has it seen, smells has it savoured, flavours has it devoured?

These are my own vintage tees and the story behind each one. For some it will be about the gig at which I bought the shirt, for others, the adventures I’ve had in them. I promise I’ve made nothing up and if there is anything not quite perfect in the telling of my tale, it is only that time (and alcohol!) has blurred the details, not that the story didn’t happen!

Photo’s were taken Sunday 1 June 2014, there’s more of me now than when I first bought these as a standard XL which is one of the reason’s for selling. Also, in some cases, wear and washing will have reduced the size of some of my tees slightly making them less suited to my portly frame (see the Jack & Jones vests for a clear example!).

If you choose to buy my tee, you are also buying my story. All I ask is that when you wear it you add your own adventure and that if you pass it on, pass on my story and add your own when you do. Share your story alongside mine on the Tell Tale Tees Facebook page if you want to?

I’ll supply a signed copy of the tale behind each tee along with the exclusive garment. If you want me to add a signature to the tee itself I’ll gladly do so using a fabric marker. Who the hell am I to be signing anything? I’m no-one, but then who is? Whatever. I’m DaddyPerry and these are MY Tell Tale Tees…

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