Perry Boys on Tour Day 4

We took our foot off the pace today. Having already crammed more into our trip than many families get out of a full week’s holiday we needed to get our breath back before the final push on Sunday, so Saturday was taken without any of the previous day’s hectic-ness.

I’d impressed myself the day before with finding Ashley Road as easily as I had, bearing in mind I was only a young ‘un when I’d been here for those childhood holidays. After Granddad passed away, Granny had come up to live with us in the Shire. Gran’s eventual funeral was probably the only time I’d driven around these parts. We made our way back there today with towels soggy from our day at the waterpark, once again using the launderette to dry them. Whilst waiting for them we chatted to a lady over the road selling off some old household items via a tabletop sale and picked up a beautiful vintage tea set for MrsP as a rather unusual souvenir from our trip!

With towels suitably dried and armed with pizzas and a kebab (!) from a nearby fast food joint, we headed down to Alum Chine Beach, striking lucky on a parking space given that by now it was around 2pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon. These beaches are so lovely and, despite a slightly breezier day, it was easy to while away a few hours under the warm summer sun. This was also the place where we finally got our hands on a ‘Bournemouth Whippy’, a particularly flavoursome version of a whipped ice cream.

The boys spent a good while playing in the park just up off the sand too, although they didn’t need any persuading to take a last chance dip before we left the beach later that evening. The pic in the gallery of BigBear in a ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ was, I think, taken at this point in our adventure.

The evening saw us take a stroll along Poole Harbour, watching as the bridge was lifted to allow a yacht through and admiring the multi-million pound super yachts alongside their factory opposite the quay.

I cannot deny a strong attachment to this part of the world, particularly down beside the sea, so there was a tinge of sadness as we headed away from the coast that evening and back out to Ocknell for a quiet evening watching a movie and, by our standards, an early night. We needed the sleep ready for a BIG fifth and final day of our boys only adventure…