Frantic Fortieth Fortnight incl. Perry Boys on Tour Pics

24 July 2013, my 40th birthday and a gig at the Ironworks put on by my buddies at World’s Biggest Events. Larkin Poe follow their guests Not Completely Blonde in beguiling my boys and seducing them into a love of live music. Then, after the gig, at home in our garden, dancing in the rain. Olly joined in straight away, despite this pic, so did Fin shortly after!
2013 Perrys On Tour032013 Perrys On Tour02

A long weekend. A week before heading off to the fabulous Nozstock Festival in Herefordshire to work on the campsite shop I got a call asking if I could handle a 24hr breakfast bar instead. I did, and I got the scars to prove it! Glorious Katie, longtime friend Kira (both pictured) along with my bro Jon and beautiful Ella his gf (and Kira’s sis!) kept me sane and helped bear the weight of feeding 5000 non stop for 72 hours.

2013 Perrys On Tour042013 Perrys On Tour052013 Perrys On Tour06

The fabulous River Dart Country Park. rope swings, zip wires, climbing stuff, pirate ships, water based assault courses. I mean, what more could you ask for really!?!

2013 Perrys On Tour072013 Perrys On Tour082013 Perrys On Tour092013 Perrys On Tour102013 Perrys On Tour112013 Perrys On Tour12

A pirate ship on Brixham Harbour, Weymouth beach, LittleBear’s back after 6 hours of waterslides, Bournemouth pier in the background then lounging around waiting for the fireworks. Finally a couple more beach / sea shots including BigBear in a ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ (it’s a Soundgarden song!) which is how we often throw ourselves in to cold water!!

2013 Perrys On Tour142013 Perrys On Tour152013 Perrys On Tour162013 Perrys On Tour172013 Perrys On Tour182013 Perrys On Tour192013 Perrys On Tour212013 Perrys On Tour22

On the last leg of our tour we took in the Emirates Cup at Arsenal – tickets were my birthday present from the family. The boys shared my excitement whilst not fully getting it themselves and that is good enough for me!

2013 Perrys On Tour232013 Perrys On Tour242013 Perrys On Tour25