My Adventures

Despite my 41 years (at time of writing) I am, like most men, a little boy in a man’s body. I construct and evaluate my life through the adventures I have along the way. All those books I read as a child have left their mark!

To be fair, I’ve always been one of those lucky enough to be able to see and understand that the journey is just as much an adventure as anything else and I’m grateful for the perspective this enables. Parenthood is perhaps the greatest adventure of them all and teaching our kids to value the journey is, perhaps, a little harder these days as they bury their noses in electrical distractions the second they’re seated.

But there’s other pages on here for those thoughts and ramblings. This section is all about the mischief my family and I have gotten up to. The trips we’ve been on, whether that be the night we went up Nesscliffe rock (a couple of miles from home) in daylight and came down in darkness, or the trip to London for the Olympics, this section is for some of the memories made along the way…

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