My Happy Place

For some, it is hugging a tree. For others, their peace is found with the solitude of the fishing rod, or in the autumnal leaf drop in a park in the city.
There are those that are happiest behind the wheel of their car, or curled up on the sofa with their favourite soap opera, or running a marathon, or lost in their favourite tunes.
Music feeds me, it is my lifeline that I turn to both when I need lifting up and when I need calming down.
But my happiness is found in the sea. In the mighty oceans that ebb and flow at the calling of the moon.
That place where, between waves, you can stand flat footed with the water around your shoulders but when the wave comes, it lifts you off your feet, owning you for those few seconds before it puts you back down on your feet once more. Reminding you where the real power lies.

That is my happy place. That is where you will find me at my purest self. Come join me in the waves ?