Gigs & Events

**Very much a work in progress**

I thought it might be fun to try and list all of the gigs, footy matches and other similar events that I have been lucky enough to attend over the years. This will always be a work in progress and will take a long time to compile.

I’m going to include events that I have either paid to be at, been taken to, or been given a ‘guest list’ or freebie for. I’m not going to include the Blue Moon Rock Nights or mini festies that I organised myself  or stuff that doesn’t come under the umberella of ‘Concerts, Sporting and Other Major Events’.

The Footy Matches

Arsenal v Sunderland. Early 80’s. Highbury.

London Evening Standard 5 a side. Early 80’s. Wembley Arena.

Arsenal v QPR. Twice during the Early 80’s. Once as a guest of a friend who also took us inside the famous ‘Marble Halls’, past the bust of Herbert Chapman and up to the ‘Directors Landing’ post-match. Long before I appreciated how special this was!

Watford v Arsenal. Mid 80’s. Vicarage Road.

Arsenal v Liverpool. April ’87. Wembley Stadium. Littlewoods Cup Final. ‘One-nil down, two-one up, Rushy’s record is fucked up’. Arsenal’s first silverware since ’79 and the same friends that showed me around Highbury got me a ticket for the match. I was 13, took my Arsenal teddy bear and we stood on the terraces behind the goal that Charlie Nicholas scored both our goals in. Glorious day!

Arsenal v Luton Town. April ’88. Wembley Stadium. Littlewoods Cup Final. Having moved away from London to Shropshire shortly after last year’s glory, I returned one year later with Huw Gaskill from the Shire. We lost. 3-2 I think.

The Other ‘Events’

Royal Tournament. Early 80’s. Earls Court.

PFA Awards Dinner. Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, London. Sat on Millwall’s table. No, I can’t quite believe it either!


The Gigs

Def Leppard. April 19th ’88. Birmingham NEC. My first gig. I remember the excitement of their entrance onto the stage and also our coach hitting a bloke on the M54 on the way home, killing him instantly.

Iron Maiden. November 1988. Birmingham NEC. Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour w/ Killer Dwarves supporting.

Bon Jovi. December 5th (I think) 1988. Birmingham NEC. The big one. I grew my hair long because of Living on a Prayer and because I wanted to be Jon. I got into rock and metal via Bon Jovi. I believed I could do anything because, right before he ‘flew’ halfway across the NEC Jon told us that if we wanted something bad enough then; ‘All you gotta do is believe’. So I believed.

Magnum. December 16th 1988. Birmingham NEC.

Anthrax & Living Colour. March 12 1989. Birmingham NEC. Road to Euphoria tour for Anthrax, Living Colour were selling Vivid.

Bon Jovi. August 19th 1989. Milton Keynes Bowl. I still wear the t-shirt from time to time! Support was Skid Row, Vixen and Europe.

Bon Jovi. August 18th 1993. Milton Keynes Bowl. With Billy Idol, Little Angels and the hilarious sight of thousands of parents covering the eyes and ears of their teenage girls as the still angry and punk Manic Street Preachers spat out the words ‘Repeat after me fuck Queen and country’. Dressed as ladies. Awesome!

Metallica. November 4th 1992. Birmingham NEC. The ‘Wherever I May Roam’ tour where they played a 3 hour show ‘in the round’ without a support act.

Cliff Richard. Early 90’s. Birmingham NEC. I took Su and she loved it. I didn’t dislike it.

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