Music Makes My World Go Around

It’s fair to say that music is a key part of what makes DaddyPerry who he is, so it makes sense to have a section on my pages dedicated to it.

From the early days attached to Dad’s Pioneer stereo listening to his Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem LP (now proudly a part of my own record collection – thanks Dad!), through my time as a chorister that saw me through until the release of Slippery When Wet which made me grow my hair long and informed my entire adult life, there’s no avoiding the tunes! The full story is laid out here.

Whether it’s the odd song / poetry that I’ve written myself or whether it’s thoughts or reviews of albums and gigs, this is where I come to offload my thoughts on music related stuff. The exception being of course, the TellTaleTees concept that has it’s own section elsewhere and isn’t music – exclusive.

Btw, I don’t even bother with the comments parts of Word Press because I don’t know how to block out all the offers of fake drugs, dodgy fashion items or penis extensions (my penis is a beauty thank you, extensions, enhancements and jewellery are not required!). However, if you’d like to discuss anything you read here, I’ll be happy to do so via Twitter.

Anyway, I hope you find the attached pages interesting. Enjoy!