Mike and Lucy’s Adventures

I got lucky. Easter Sunday 2016. I was feeling particularly sorry for myself that morning due to a eureka moment whilst watching the bears having the time of their lives sledging down the grassy banks of Carding Mill Valley. It dawned on me that, for all the fun they were having, and that I was filming on my phone, I had no one to go home and share the video with and that, actually, was what I wanted more than anything – someone to share these adventures with.

So I dropped the kids off at their mum’s, dusted of my damaged heart, and went out on the prowl. I didn’t expect to find the love of my life there and then. Frankly I’d have settled for some good old bump n grind with a willing companion.

I bumped into some old friends of the female variety in the pub I used to run. They invited me to join them ‘up town’ and, with the alcohol breaking down inhibitions, one of them whispered something in my ear that led to us heading straight outside and into a taxi bound for my place.

As mentioned above, that would have been a happy enough ending given how low I’d been feeling at the time. But there was a spark of something way beyond the basic attraction that night that led to a few frantic weeks of texting, meeting when we could, and generally behaving like lovestruck teenagers. To quote a song by All Time Low that struck a chord with both of us at the time, “we were like a time bomb set into motion, we knew that we were destined to explode”.

Lucy was in the process of extricating herself from an unhappy marriage at the time and you’re welcome to argue that we got involved a little on the early side of that. But a mutual love of adventure, of actually living life rather than wasting it redecorating the living room every couple of years, and of putting our kids at the centre of those adventures, saw a rapid blossoming of a loving, fulfilling relationship.

Thirty months later and we’re approaching our second winter in the home we’ve created together and we’ve already shared some wonderful and wild adventures. We hope you enjoy reading about them.