Post Operative Musings

So. It’s October 15, my Dad’s birthday and a week since I had a ‘Discectomy’ to correct my spine. There’s a pre-op piece here if you’ve not seen it. What follows is a collection of the Social Media updates I’ve put out, txt msgs to friends, plus an edited copy of an email to mum which between them, tell the story of the last ten days or so from the first attempt at fixing things on October 2.

FB: Jeez, good job my humour’s intact. American Pie on the radio as I’m being dropped off at hosp. This’ll be the day…

 FB: Fucksticks on toast. They were unable to operate today as, once anaesthetised, the left side of my lung wouldn’t inflate so they couldn’t safely roll me to operate. Waiting on report of chest x-ray to see why this happened but op has had to be put back ‘a few weeks’.
On the plus side, the Smoked Mackerel Caeser Salad for lunch was awesome and I’m getting really good at Mahjong…

(The medical term for this is a collapsed lung so I posted a song – Cooler by the punk band Collapsed Lung to my FB/Tw accounts!)

Txt: Cause is usually infection but x-ray showed me as all clear. They were worried I may be developing a cold / flu / chest infection and that I might struggle for breath whilst under anaesthetic. But a chest X-ray in the afternoon suggests I’m ok so they’re going to try again Tuesday. Usually they’d prefer to leave three weeks before more anaesthetic so I’m booked in for Nov 1st, but due to extreme level of pain and lack of mobility they’re going to give it a go on Tues provided I’m healthy.

FB: Delivered, gowned up & ready to go again. Let’s hope the lung plays it’s part this time & we can get this dealt with. Journey soundtrack this time was new AC/DC & The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry…

FB: Post-operative selfie. Thanks everyone for your support. It means a lot to me. Peace & love. x — feeling relieved at Nuffield Hospital.Post Op Selfie

Pic: Boys wanted this recording for posterity so here it is. Apologies to the queasy. Vacuum drain removing blood from the area of surgery, remained plugged into my spine for 24hrs post-op.Blood

Email to mum: Yeah, they kicked me out Thursday. Would’ve been Weds but had a problem with constipation that I needed their help with so I stayed a second night.

Bed rest for two weeks post op so I’ve not been moving far. Am doing the school run for my daily exercise but in bed the rest of the time save for meals. Sofa for evenings.

Bit weak and feeble but am supposed to be. I’ve stopped with all the powerful painkillers – did the withdrawals at the weekend – except Naproxen which is a super anti inflammatory that he wants me to take for two more weeks.

So I’m mending slowly but I’m certainly not rushing it. And I’ve not had alcohol in October.

**I’ve lost control of the comments section of this site for now so, if you feel the need to make any, please use social media. Thanks. Also, for reference, the school run is around a 400m round trip!**