My Symbolic Tumble Dryer

When I finished at the Punch Bowl in August 2010 it was with a huge amount of debt. The evil pubco that had suggested they wouldn’t pursue me if I left quietly, and the VAT man both came knocking on my door. I’d done all I could to pay the small local businesses that I’d dealt with but a couple of the bigger suppliers were in there too. Combined with a bucketload of personal debt built up trying to support the business and a lifestyle there was an eye watering problem…

Trust Inns came after £16k in unpaid rent despite my paying them £60k plus a crippling beer tie in the two years I was there. A contract is a contract to them, no negotiating. Bastards.

I promised my family I’d do all in my power to protect our home. No matter what else was lost, we’d keep our home and so I entered into an IVA. One step away from bankruptcy and with government backing that pays some debts off for you if you pay a load off yourself over 5 years or so.

Six years and 45 Grand later, yup, forty five thousand pounds (and a marriage), and the rope around my neck is finally gone.

It was partly achieved by selling my share in our home to MrsP. That home I promised to protect is now in her safe hands and will be there for our children as promised.

I also promised the boys that once the IVA was done we’d go to my parent’s in Spain for a holiday (we’ve not been since 2009) and the flights are now booked for summer.

The end of the IVA has been achieved with the help, love and support of others and brothers, plus no small amount of personal sacrifice and determination. It all got too much for MrsP and I don’t hold that against her. There’s plenty I could, and do, but not that.

The dryer is symbolic because since moving out on my own, I’ve sometimes struggled with getting all of my washing dry in my little house. So I’ve still been using the one at the kids house. It was the one remaining dependency if you will so I promised myself that, with the IVA paid off, with the divorce and the house business concluded I’d get my own dryer.

There’s been a lot of ends and beginnings this last 9 months or so but this one really is the final marker. There’s no more bills to pay, no more documents to sign, no more shit to drag myself through.

And now that it is all done, the kids have their comfortable home, they and I will have a fantastic week in Almeria in August and I’ve got myself a decent tumble dryer that will hopefully make the ironing easier too!

I love that the day it was delivered was spent at my place with my boys and grandboys. They’re what it’s always really been about for me anyway. Houses aren’t homes without people, holidays are made by the people that enjoy them together and dryers are just appliances that people like me use to make our lives that little bit easier. I’d live a far simpler life without the need for any of them if I wasn’t responsible for so many more lives than my own. I mean, you’ve heard my song right?


“But I also believe in being there
And I believe in family
My kids, my home, my duties,
Are these not the things that make me me?”