Be Careful What You Wish For…

It’s Wednesday 3rd September 2014, the kids went back to school after their long summer break yesterday and they were genuinely pleased to be doing so. No doubt after a few weeks back they’ll be moaning and ready for half term to come around but, for now, they’re glad to get back to a bit of routine and structure.

Just over six weeks ago I was busy telling anyone who’d listen how much I was looking forward to the time off I’d got booked to spend with the kids and how much I wished I didn’t have to be in work whilst the kids were going to be off.

The first week of the school holidays I used up some time owed and had a couple of half days with them and then I was into a nice long twelve day break. I had a bit of fun at a music festival the first few days then we were able to get away for a few days as a family to Bournemouth, a place I hold dear from my own holidays as a child and now a favoured destination for us all.

The driving and the waterslides took it out of me a bit so, with MrsP back in work, I took it easy for a few days at home before heading back to work myself… Only the journey back to work broke me. I struggled to get out of my car and, having done so, I could then barely put one foot in front of another. My second day back was a much shorter journey to work but, despite this, there was no improvement and, when I tried to head in for my third day back, I simply didn’t have sufficient strength or mobility in my right leg to be able to drive so, less than a mile from home I gave up and turned back.

A few years back I had an operation to trim one of the discs in my spine to prevent it from pressing on my sciatic nerves and it looks like this old enemy has come back to do battle once more. I have been tremendously well looked after by my GP and especially by MrsP who has ferried me from one appointment to another for physio, analysis and an MRI scan. I get to discuss the results of that the day after writing this but, the long and short of it is that I got my wish and spent the bulk of the school holidays at home.

Only that’s not really what I was after is it? What I wanted was to spend the summer having adventures with my boys, camping, climbing, splashing around in the sea and any other water that we could find to throw ourselves into. Not laid out flat, unable to sit for longer than a few minutes, needing ten painkillers a day just to get through, dozing off frequently and constipated by their side effects!

And now, to add insult to painful injury, after three weeks of at least being able to watch them play around me, they’re back in school. Combine that with the guilt that stems from not being able to work and the continuous agony that still, three weeks on, informs every minuscule movement and bodily function I make, and you’ll understand why that old adage is constantly springing to mind:

Be careful what you wish for…