I have no idea how you came to be here but thank you for stopping by. As you are here I guess it’s only fair that I tell you a little about me.

As well as DaddyPerry I am also known as Mike, MikeyP, Micky, G-Diddy and Pel depending on who is talking about me.  Even at my age, my parents still frequently call me Michael. I’m second eldest of five brothers and there may be some ‘half’ involved in that but it’s not important to me so it shouldn’t be to you. Since the age of ten there has been a child aged 4 or less close to me, starting way back then with my younger brothers and perpetuated in August 2011 when my beautiful daughter gave me my first Grandchild. The second one came along at the very end of 2014 and 2013 was my fortieth year!

I sired the aforementioned beautiful Princess at the age of 18 followed by her brother, who I shall refer to as Junior, two and a half years later. Their mum, who I married whilst she was pregnant with Princess, is genuinely one of my heroes. After just two years of marriage I left her alone with two small children but, instead of hating me, she made sure that I spent time with my children until I was old enough and wise enough to realise that that’s what I wanted to do anyway.

This lead to a jokey promise to the young lady that became my second wife that, if she hit thirty without having children, then I would be the man that supplied the genes so to speak. I bumped into her on the weekend of her 29th birthday and she called in the promise. We were married two years later and, some would say remarkably, we still celebrate our anniversary each June. Or at least, I do!

After a couple of years I came good on the original promise and the January after I celebrated my thirtieth our lives were blessed with the arrival of Big Bear in 2004. Little Bear came along on September 11 2006 and put a happy spin on that horribly memorable date. And so I am DaddyPerry and I really am very proud of the title.

There’s a whole lot more I could tell you about how I came to be sat here writing shizzle about myself on my own internet blog, but you’ll just have to be patient and come back here from time to time. When I’m not being DaddyPerry to the little ones or G-Diddy to the really little ones I like to drink rum, listen to loud and heavy music and find new and interesting ways to amuse myself. Mentally I mean you perverts!

You may wish to note that I’m one of those born to live kinda people. I’m not willing to sit and wait for life to come to me. I’ve done all sorts of crazy stuff that I will gradually reveal as I spread my writing wings. In 2012 I was one of those that actually went to an Olympic event in London rather than watch it on the telly and wish I was there. Each summer, I help out on a mates shop at music festivals. I can’t promise I don’t get naked at some of them. There is always beaches involved each summer because if there wasn’t, what’s the point of summer?

You may also wish to note that my real job is ‘Community Fundraising Advisor’ for a wonderful Hospice Charity. It’s a people role and that, really and truly, is what sums me up and defines me. My world is all about the people. Whether that is the little people in my life or the good people that I get to hang out with, people are what really make the world go around. If you don’t get that then you probably won’t get me so jog on by….Thanks for reading 🙂

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